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Integrity Solutions founded by Pete Clark, Tim Dawson, Steve Johnson, Steve Kenny, Randy Marchessault, Dan McCreary, and Mark Mendel.
Integrity Solutions moved to:
2900 Lone Oak Pkwy
Suite #130
Eagan MN
Key Investments purchased and merged Integrity Solutions, MSP Interactive, and some people from talentsoft to become KeyTech
Key Investments and Yamamoto Moss spun off elements of KeyTech and Yamamoto Moss to create AisleFive
KeyTech became
11/2000 acquired by WAM!NET
AisleFive became independent from Key Investments and Yamamoto Moss and was renamed Aveus

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what's this all about? was originally purchased by David Appleby and Jason Goray to provide a personal playground for the employees of Integrity Solutions ( An early version of isnt was created by Steve Weintz, but the concept never really took off as Integrity entered a period of financial difficulty which culminated in the purchase of the company by Key Investments.

Once purchased by Key Investments, Integrity was combined with MSPInteractive and a few folks from Talent Information Management to become Keytech. Some time later, Keytech decided to focus more on back end programming and spun off their design team and a couple programmers who were combined with employees from Yamamoto-Moss to form AisleFive. As more time passed (as well as what, from the trenches, looked like some bad blood here and there), Keytech and AisleFive separated further. Both companies changed names as AisleFive became Aveus and Keytech became Some time later, Key Investments stepped out of both companies as Aveus was purchased by Chris Mahai, and was purchased by Wam!net.

Enter the new market - business and contracts were slow, and both companies have had heavy rounds of layoffs. Very few of the people involved throughout all of these gyrations are still with any form of the organization. Many of those who have moved on still remember the potential of "what could have been" with melancholy fondness, and consider themselves "IS Alumni".

This site has been dusted off slightly and re-purposed to serve as a place to list the alumni of IS and Keytech, and to provide links to contact them. The domain also serves as my personal play space. Feel free to get in touch with me regarding whatever.

- phaedrus